Easy As Sunday Morning

We started the day with a walk.

Well, actually, we started the day watching Diesel Brothers over bowls of microwaved Weet-Bix. Then we went for a walk.

I was already concocting lunch in my head. We took the long way around to boost our step count and stopped at Woolworth’s for milk and lettuce before heading home.

I needed the lettuce for my lunch creation. The plan was nothing too grandiose. Really, it was just leftovers.

But the important thing is that it’s a re-imagining of leftovers.

The leftovers were from Friday night’s take-out. I was craving street-cart chicken over rice. We found a Turkish place within delivery range that seemed up to the task.

Leftover wrap (with a side of Doritos).

What they got right was the pure heft of it. It was buckets of rice underneath heaping handfuls of kebab chicken.

The white sauce was also done right. What fell short of my expectations was the red sauce. It was no where near that hairs-on-your-chest hot of the New York City halal carts. It was more mild, almost sweet; but by no means was that a deal breaker.

Overall, the meal fed the craving, and like all good halal dishes, there was plenty left over.

For today’s lunch, I wrapped it up with the remaining french fries (chips), a smearing of baba ghanoush (proud to say I got that spelling right on the first try, thank you), and the auxiliary lettuce, meant to help lighten it all up a bit with some freshness.

As they say in Australia, “easy as.” The perfectly filling, wonderfully easy Sunday meal of dreams.

Word got out quick that we were eating good in here. My friends, Lori and Keith, came knocking hardly three bites into my long awaited lunch. But who am I to deny friends food? I cut them a slice of an apple and we all had lunch together.

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