beautiful mane

How “Hair” You?–and learning to manage the mane

This one is dedicated to my several sisters and our collective manes.

Yes, I know lions with manes are males; stay focused.

OH Hair. We all have tried our own methods of wrangling you.

From flat irons to round brush blow-outs and everything in between, it’s a labor of love.

A labor that I infamously avoid.

I’m not alone anymore, though! Now the trend is starting to catch up with the fact that our hair doesn’t like to be overly-handled, a concept brought en vogue by the curly girl method.

Ultimately, how your hair does like to be cared for is as personal as any journey in life. Here are a few of my recent notes that may inspire you to add a new step or product to your routine:

Shampoo bar +++

In an effort to care for my hair and for the planet, I ditched plastic bottles in favour of shampoo bars. My opinion of this product on my hair is that it’s… okay. I like that the mode of transfer to my scalp, I don’t like that it leaves my hair feeling somewhat stripped.

If you adhere to the curly girl method, you’ll already know that shampoo is apparently bad for your hair altogether, and is not curly girl approved.

Until I work up the courage to scrap it all together, I think I’ll stick to the bar. I do like to feel that clean fresh feeling before I apply my preferred conditioner:

LUSH Glory ++++

This thick green conditioner blends garden-fresh (well, at least you’d hope) okra and coconut cream for the ultimate moisture and hydration.

I was a little hesitant to try it at first, but ultimately found that my hair (and myself) loved it. I also love that you can apply and rinse with no wait time.

Frank Body Caffeinated Hair Mask +++++

I try to wash my hair no more than twice a week. At least once a week, I’ll treat it to this mask.

This one from Frank Body needs about ten minutes to do its thing. The end result is worth it.

I find that it gives your scalp a little energizing peppermint and caffeine zing, and makes my hair NOTICEABLY softer and shinier. And, its quality ingredient list (always can count on frank for that) ensures the magic happens naturally. Love this stuff.

(And yes, I also have the scalp scrub.)

For happy hair, use a t-shirt.

Post-shower Practice

I top off my hair routine with a wide-toothed comb and wrap it in my white tee (that I scored for free from Betty’s, which means I’m being sustainable by upcycling, right?)

The white-tee hack is a curly girl technique you probably know about. For those who don’t, in short, microfibre towels and wraps can be rough on the hair and cause frizz. I wanna say that I’ve seen a difference in switching to all cotton… but this experimentation is still inconclusive.

And here’s one more morsel for the road: Recently, I’ve been experimenting with a LUSH curl creme (which IS cg approved!).

I run a dime-sized amount through my hair before I wrap my hair up. I have to be sure to be really really light with this stuff. More evidence to come on this later, but preliminary trials leave my hair slightly greasy in a day or so.

Any recommendations from your hair journey??

PS-although none of this is an ad, I can still offer you a coupon code for frank body–so long as it’s your first time shopping.

frank body discount code: HPAU20DTIKHMLSNWBU


  1. OMG! I can’t believe you posted about this hair business as I recently looked into the Curly Girl method of working with my hair. So tired of all the blowing and flat ironing that i thought I’s give this method a go. Great minds think alike!!! LOL…. thanks for the great info. ❤

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